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Join us as we take you through the steps of your fairytale wedding...The one you have dreamt of since you were a little girl. We have created this fairytale wedding in a Three Act “play”, carefully orchestrating the entire day down to the finest detail. We have incorporated the very latest trends and in so doing, highlighting what we do best!!!

Fresh flowers enhance your wedding in every way. The one floral accessory everyone is bound to remember is the bride’s bouquet. Flower Café Events will create a unique bouquet of your choice. Fresh flowers in season, that is perfect for you and one that will compliment your gown in every way. Remember this will be the most photographed floral arrangement of the day.

As Floral and Décor Designers and Planners, we do not promise that everything will go off according to script. Musicians may arrive late, the specially ordered vintage of wine was not available at the last moment, and the white roses look suspiciously cream. That’s life. Nature happens. But we make a solemn promise that we will endeavour to do our absolute best in sourcing your exact requirements and on the day as a team we will handle whatever problem comes up, and do so with the least impact on the bride and groom, or on their guests. We at Flower Café Events believe that everyone deserves their very own fairytale wedding. Let us help you realise that dream so that you wedding day can be your first taste of happily every after.

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