Many problems in today’s society are caused by excessive stress. We are constantly on the move, trying to keep up appearances, or trying to make ends meet. It’s become so rare to find moments of peace. Throw in a global pandemic and it’s not surprising that the number of mental health issues in the young and old across the globe is at an all-time high.

Luckily, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Studies show that being in touch with nature, flowers in particular, has the most amazing benefits on mental health. Flowers even have the ability to influence us on a much deeper level.

Here are some of the ways flowers can benefit your mental health:

1. They impact your mood and overall mental health for days

Flowers do more than just brighten up a room. They can have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood and overall mental health. The science says that the impact can last for days, so it is way more powerful than that bar of chocolate and significantly fewer calories.

Getting tactile with flowers can chase away your worries and the blues, making people feel less depressed, troubled, or agitated. They are proven to induce a more positive outlook on life, boosting energy and happiness.

Even the scent of your favourite blooms can help relieve anxiety. The ideal antidote to stress for anyone working a 9 to 5, parenting small children or even or studying for important exams.

2. Flowers improve your productivity and creativity

Whether in the workplace or in a home office, flowers and plants have been proven to improve performance and ignite creativity. This results in improved mental health.

Enthusiasm, energy, and job satisfaction are all side-effects of an environment decorated with botanicals. That’s a worthwhile investment if you work long hours or need regular inspiration.

3. Blossoms can create stronger and more intimate connections

It’s no secret that we live in an age of increasing disconnection. Face-to-face connections are being set aside in place of iPhones and social media.

Right now, pandemic-driven isolation only serves to worsen those problems. Self-reported levels of loneliness may have increased dramatically worldwide, but by sending and receiving flowers you can re-connect and show love to family and friends who may need a pick-me-up.

Florists, event stylists, and home entertaining enthusiasts are all well versed in the power of flowers. They all regularly use seasonal florals to help create uplifting and welcoming environments.

4. They can help to heal you

Flowers are also proven to help reduce physical recovery time. It’s such a shame then that hospitals don’t allow them anymore. 

However, if someone is ill or recuperating at home, a thoughtful bunch of blooms can even reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and fatigue.

5. They make the recipient happy

Imagine turning around someone’s day (or week) through one simple gesture.

Flowers communicate love and support. The overwhelmingly positive impact of receiving a bouquet can be enough to lift the recipient out of a low point.

Flowers can even help communicate emotions when it’s hard to find the right words.

Mental health - mom and baby

6. They make the sender happy

We all love that warm, fuzzy feeling of making someone happy, right? 

As humans, we perceive gift-giving as a caring, emotional, and thoughtful act and enjoy feeling like we are one of those people.

The feelings that accompany an act of service or giving are proven to nurture your own mental health, giving you your own injection of wellbeing and feel-good vibes.

So now that you know a few of the ways surrounding yourself with flowers can benefit your mental health, how do you go about choosing the ‘right’ ones?

News flash! There aren’t any ‘right’ blooms.

We are all special and unique, much like the beautiful flowers which exist out in the world. We bloom differently and show off our beauty in a variety of ways.

Whatever flower you resonate with on any occasion can boost your mood and soften the blow of whatever life has thrown at you.

If you really do feel stuck and want to surround yourself with blooms that have specific meanings, download our free Victorian Language of Flowers PDF.

How amazing that something as simple as a flower can have so many positive effects on our lives.

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